Common questions about EatEnjoy Balance

No, this product is not intended for anyone who has been diagnosed with any digestive disorder. EatEnjoy Balance is suitable for people experiencing difficulties digesting complex meals, looking to enjoy the foods they love and maintain good digestion and regularity.
No, EatEnjoy Balance is not medication and it does not treat diseases or allergies.
The role of digestive enzymes are to breakdown food-derived fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into smaller substances that our bodies can use. Although the body produces its own digestive enzymes, they may not be enough to completely breakdown cooked or processed foods. During cooking and processing, the natural enzymes present in raw foods are destroyed. Fortunately, digestive enzyme supplements can provide additional enzymes and help to optimise the digestion process. The complete release and absorption of food nutrients can result in fewer digestive problems. Each type of food (proteins, sugars, starches, and fats), requires a specific type of enzyme. EatEnjoy® balance capsules contain a blend of 13 enzymes, targeting proteins, starches, sugars, fats and plant fibres.
The human digestive tract contains billions of bacteria and microorganisms that assist with digestion. The body requires a healthy balance of friendly and unfriendly bacteria. Poor diet, antibiotics, prolonged illness and aging can deplete the beneficial bacteria faster than they can be replenished. Probiotics are live organisms that are friendly bacteria that normally live inside our large intestine and are critical to our overall health. These beneficial bacteria enhance our digestion by increasing nutrient absorption, and play a huge part in our immunity. The Bacillus subtilis species of microorganism has been known for almost 100 years, having first been isolated and described in 1915. It is considered to be a normal inhabitant of the gut in animals and humans. Bacillus subtilis has been studied as possible help to promote and maintain intestinal health and good bowel movement.
You should take the capsule just before you start eating or with the first few bites of your meal. It is important that the enzymes and food meet in your stomach and that the enzymes start their work on food from the beginning of digestion process.
Do not take more than two capsules per day.
Yes, you can take EatEnjoy Balance and other EatEnjoy capsules at the same time to help if you have both gluten and lactose issues.
Yes it is, we have a GMO free certificate.
EatEnjoy is made by the leading pharmaceutical company Pharmanova at its ultra-modern pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing plant in Serbia. It is distributed exclusively in Europe by Pharmavita
Yes it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
It is not recommended for children, people hypersensitive to any of the product ingredients, as well as for pregnant or breast-feeding women.
EatEnjoy Balance contains complex enzyme mix and Bacillus subtilis in one capsule. The enzymes will help with digestion of complex food (proteins, sugars, fats, fibres) and Bacillus subtilis will help to keep your gut flora healthy and may improve occasional constipation and diarrhoea, while helping to maintain gastrointestinal health.
If you receive damaged packaging you can send it back. Please get in touch with us using the contact details below.
No, as we cannot guarantee that the product is safe for reuse as we cannot ensure the product remained at ambient temperature after purchase.

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